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    How can i shield myself from "Voice to Skull" technology & remote neural weapons?

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    Thank you!

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    I don't under st and it btw I'm 13 sooo

  4. schpoingle

    How are schisms of intelligence supposed to interact with each other?

  5. Tushar Pal

    I am a Science Enthusiast. I question everything. How does an EM wave travel in vacuum? Do fields propagate?

  6. Subhashi Jayasekara

    Thank you so much. You have explained it well…

  7. Mr. McGee

    The waves doesnt only go like that actually.. as waves increases like radio waves to microwaves it goes infrared to xrays which isStronger <————————WeakerShorter—————————>Longer

  8. Ryan Jumar Pantoja

    is it B in z axis right and E is in Y?

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    9:50KiraaaaaaaaaLight kunAny death note fans ? 😂

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    Gotta a test tomorrow hihihi thank you very much sir!

  11. lizeth vargas

    Build a distribution of point loads along theThat far from them their electric field along the axis varies by 1 / r6. Electromagnetic physics, please help me with this question, thank you

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    I've never seen it before.But I suggest you see some interesting videos on SALEH THEORY-com about behaviors of photon.

  13. john moor

    but what are the waves made from if not particles?

  14. Yu Chiu

    In EM wave, I see the same phase angle for E and B field. But why in electric circuit there is always phase angle between voltage and current.

  15. Asfer Frost

    em wave propagating wrong direction

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    Wish I could like a thousand times…sooo effective👍

  17. Arthur Vin

    Visible=visible to normal human eye. All ranges are visually visible. My brother can clearly see infrared in day light, had tested him many times by various types of IR remote controls even with dead batteries. EM waves travelling through the empty space without media is quantum physics.

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    This is so much better when you're high

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    this vidoe sucks ass like a rim job

  20. Erwin Bauernschmitt

    So the photon is like a bundle of energy that travels through space at 300,000 km/s that has oscillating magnetic and electric fields which are at right angles to each other and both perpendicular to the direction of propagation and the more energy the photon has the faster its magnetic and electric fields oscillate, right? So is the magnetic field like the one around earth but its constantly switching its poles up and down? And I don't quite get what an electric field is. Can anyone explain? – Trying to understand Yr 9 physics class.

  21. Robin Maikle

    Verify your electrical circuits on the go! Pin Point: 'Circuit Solver' by Phasor Systems on Google Play.

  22. Mark Watson

    ExB should be in the direction of V.

  23. Can Uysal

    Direction of V is in -x direction. You are so wrong and misleading. Correct it.

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    man you are good

  25. TobyDK91

    Today AM is used more for UHF radiosignals and FM in the VHF area. Due to the fact that frequency modulation becomes tricky with higher frequencies. Opposite to what you said.

  26. Gavin Wilkinson

    everything is electromagnetic and gravity doesnt exist

  27. Nail Akçura

    I think the wave direction should be the opposite direction, when using right-hand rule, the finger tips conserving from E to B, the thumb shows the wave direction, which is left

  28. halconsalvaje

    so can you tell what is the maximum frequency we can use on cell phones? I know their use can disrupt our brain function, because it meses with neuron transmission

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    Khan Academy is incredible. It is astonishing. It is without words. Thanks.

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    does anyone else see it that drawing looks like DNA helix

  31. the geth

    so, are our eyes just antennas that are tuned to visible light frequencies?

  32. Jack Grim Sinn

    could an aquifer work in any way with this?

  33. Wizzyzippgaming G

    i thought it was 3×10 6m/s not 3×10 8 m/s

  34. Gabriel

    the direction of the em wave is wrong!

  35. Lincoln

    I've been trying to understand some of the applications in the engineering field, and usually the very fundamental principles are omitted. This video made everything so much simpler now. Thank you!

  36. Priyabrata Chattaraj

    Both electric and magnetic fields are very limited.but, why and how only the combine of electric filed and magnetic files travels so far?

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    I'm 11 and this is easy :D

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    best video … finally i got the electromagnetic waves :D

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