Social exclusion (segregation and social isolation) | Social Inequality | MCAT | Khan Academy

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6 thoughts on “Social exclusion (segregation and social isolation) | Social Inequality | MCAT | Khan Academy

  1. trad conservative

    Discrimination is a virtue

  2. trad conservative


  3. farooq baba

    great job brother'

  4. Christina Köfer

    Good video, I have to deal with this on a daily basis…

  5. aitmbark amine

    I really benefit from you videos and I subscribed to your channel. I am just requesting one thing that will be more beneficial to the viewers and will give your videos more credibility. You should be referring to the source of information. If you include for example the main theorist that came up with thses ideas that will make your videos greater and will give the viewer the chance to investigate them in dept. Saying for example according to Bordieu, cultural capital is ….

  6. just random

    a really great lecture! Thank you!

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