Super Metabolism Boost and Weight Loss with Cellulite Reduction

You can expect a huge boost in your metabolism and accelerated weight loss by listening to this video. This video contains the energetic signature and morphegenic field of chlorogenic acid. Listening to this causes your body to generate chlorogenic acid which inhibits fat and sugar absorption along with Lipolysis (which is the breakdown of lipids; it involves the hydrolysis of triglycerides into free fatty acids) There are also morphegenic fields to help generate a higher metabolism. Also included are subliminal and supraliminal programming to create that mindset and tell your body to lose weight, burn fat and also to help with cellulite reduction. Listen as often as you want, until you see the results you need.

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41 thoughts on “Super Metabolism Boost and Weight Loss with Cellulite Reduction

  1. maddy hatter

    I am losing fat from my chest and stomach thank you

  2. Zainab Zoeb

    Can someone please answer my question… Can I listen to this with pillow speakers?

  3. Valerie Gallagher

    I've lost 3 pounds so far

  4. Joanne MacTavish

    Starting again today. Using Sapien's thermogenic and super metabolism audios and one for arm fat loss. Let u know if/when I make any progress. I hope it works. Here goes absolute dedication for the next few mths to be another success story on this site. 👊

  5. Donna Davidson

    This might work so well for me because it is sugar that I am addicted to, so I really should listen to this along with the stomach shrinking treatment. I think this is a great combo. I don't eat a lot of greasy foods. Drinking coke is my problem. I just started listening to this again, as of now.

  6. EdFromHumanResources

    I think a video that would go good with Sapien's weight loss series would be one that pushes the body into a state of ketosis. Heck I would pay $100+ for a custom field from his website to do such a thing.

  7. Tracy Jones

    sounds like metal shop

  8. satabdi roy

    do I need headphones.

  9. NubblyTurdStudios

    I have been listening for about a month, no measuring and no weighing, only mirror and i do see differences i am down to an adult small instead of adult medium and my legs have never been skinnier so i thank you!And i will continue to update..

  10. Sweet Angel

    can I download it??

  11. Queen of Stories

    Day 1: 65.1

  12. Holli Finkle

    I was a bit skeptical, yet optimistic when I found this. I feel like it has helped me. My medication has made my brain think my stomach is a bottomless pit. I've been listening to this for a few days now (evenings before bed and while falling asleep) I stepped on the scale this morning and I'm down 3 pounds and I have noticed that I'm not hungry all the time. I have even cut back on coffee and the amount of flavored cream that I put in it and when I find myself thirsty I actually want water. I feel like I have not so much the energy but the want and motivation to move more. I'm going to continue to listen and see where it takes me on my getting healthy again Journey.

  13. Joan Lex

    Not looking to lose weight quickly but a steady decline.

  14. Abby Neithardt

    So when I started it I was watching one before and it was quite and relaxing kinda so the volume was up then I clicked on this one (RIP Ears 2018)

  15. Space-churro


  16. tala hammad

    why does this sound demonic

  17. Julie Hattory

    this works for constipation too!!!

  18. mynah

  19. rafikunnisa mirza

    First day weight fall by one kg …but now has stuck… me out what to do

  20. Ava May

    If you listen with headphones the background sounds like the song from stranger things

  21. Bianca UwUr

    I lost 0,5 kg in 2 days! Thanks so much 💕Sorry for my bad english xD

  22. VNem Vee

    My ears are dead…😵

  23. Belle Thompson

    I expected it to be calm and peace full so I turned it up all the way.. I regret my choices (but great subliminal!)

  24. Daifa Musfirat

    Can i download this?

  25. Violet Eclisped

    I don’t feel anything.

  26. Nigel Mikaele

    Wow!! I look like Christian Bale in "The Machinist" thank you for uploading :)

  27. Akash Deep

    fire fist ACE

  28. Sneha Ray

    Is this true I don’t know first time I m listening let’s see

  29. Vidya Arts

    Pls permanent weight loss and belly and stomach

  30. Tealdragonfly S

    Is it normal to feel hungrier and hve an increased appetite from listening to this? Should I listen to my body and eat more or will it stop me from getting any results?

  31. Fatima ail

    How many times should listen by day plz

  32. Chise Hasegawa

    Sooooo can I eat a lot and not gain weight?

  33. 亜練

    Dude my stomach and below areas ache and hurt right now tf

  34. Araceli Lizárraga Ávila

    It is not working😢. Been listening to this for a month and a half, as well as the other two audios on weight loss plus the blockage remover. What am I doing wrong?

  35. HermionePotter75

    How many times I need listen it?

  36. Random Videos

    this is a fuck

  37. Golden Maknae

    5 de Janeiro

  38. Lilia

    Можете да очаквате огромен тласък на метаболизма ви и ускорена загуба на тегло, като слушате това видео. Това видео съдържа енергийния подпис и морфогенното поле на хлорогенната киселина. Слушането на това причинява на организма ви да генерира хлорогенна киселина, която инхибира абсорбцията на мазнини и захар заедно с липолиза (която е разграждането на липидите, включва хидролизата на триглицеридите в свободни мастни киселини). Също така има морфогенни полета, които помагат да се генерира по-висок метаболизъм. Включени са също и подсъзнателно и свръхлиминално програмиране, за да се създаде този начин на мислене и да се каже на тялото ви да отслабнете, да изгаря мазнините и да ви помогне да намалите целулита. Слушайте толкова често, колкото искате, докато не видите необходимите резултати.

  39. Golden Maknae

    How many times I can listen to it? I heard that if I listen to much, just this cancel the results

  40. smiling buddha

    People listening, do you know anything about the paid comments on YouTube Well time to think about it

  41. angel angel

    Can I dwnld and listen?will it work after downloading as the same???pls rply

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