The Prosperity Project

This is based on the book ‘The Secret’ by Rhonda Byrne and the work of Rupert Sheldrake.
Listening to this video will try to help create abundance and wealth in your life, by connecting you to that special ever flowing stream of opportunity that you always seem to miss. Listen and share it, the more you listen and share it, the stronger the intentions become and greater effect it has in bringing the abundance in life that you definitely deserve.
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21 thoughts on “The Prosperity Project


    I had been listening to all these videos for about a month. I lost my phone. I just got a new phone today. I came back here. I was reading the comments and I just keep hitting the replay button. I want to say there is a change. i will know for sure the next time i open my mouth to speak. I haven't been so kind as of the oat 24 hours. I want to stop attracting bad luck. I want to start manifesting prosperity and project it to b others. thank you sapien meds for all you do. Have a beautiful day.

  2. Shay A

    i have a question. do u necessarily have to hear the video or can u leave it on even with low volume for the effects to work out??

  3. 55dbau

    Why is this video so short? Is it okay to loop it for greater amount of listening time?

  4. Bibi Zahida Elaheebocus


  5. Bibi Zahida Elaheebocus


  6. Bibi Zahida Elaheebocus


  7. heebegeebe

    Is there a reason it is so quiet? Am I doing something wrong?

  8. Nekotorious

    I believe that I'm picturing roses in my mind, it's this a good thing?

  9. Chao Zyxone

    thank you really thank you hope you all get more prosperity abudance and thankful ^^

  10. 10TH Dimension

    Thank You

  11. Over Smart

    I found 2 movie tickets on very next day of hearing it for the first time in a simple contest. interesting but true

  12. Bibi Zahida Elaheebocus

    ( ^_^ )/~~拜拜

  13. Anurag Roy

    How does this work?

  14. Bibi Zahida Elaheebocus


  15. Bibi Zahida Elaheebocus


  16. Bibi Zahida Elaheebocus


  17. Alex Saint-Eloi

    I am Money

  18. Matt Bailey

    Am I missing something? Sorry , I don't mean to sound negative.

  19. Taina Williams

    My head started to hurt :( No wonder I'm broke.

  20. seongchan hong

    thank you!

  21. Moonbeam 17

    Found 3 dollars at the Park after listening the same day. Got an unexpected job opportunity thru email perfect fit. Jai Sapien Med!!!

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